my ultra lo-fi kanban board

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What is ‘My Ultra Lo-Fi Kanban Board’?

Students can use My Ultra Lo-Fi Kanban Boards to help manage and prioritize their busy lives both at school and at home to reduce stress and get work done.

My Ultra Lo-Fi Kanban Board is a 11 x 17 in. laminated physical board that will help you to focus and accomplish the most important goals in your always hectic life at home, work or school. Although there are plenty of electronic versions of kanban boards available to use on your mobile devices, we have found having a physical board is a completely different experience that encourages consistent usage to form new habits.

My Ultra Lo-Fi Kanban Board folds to the size of a normal sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) and easily fits in your backpack or tote bag to travel wherever you go. All you need are sticky notes and a sharpie marker to keep everything you need to do visualized in one place for daily management and decision making.


Hear Kim Linton’s testimonial on her experience using My Ultra Lo-Fi Kanban Board to continuously improve the way she visualizes the priorities in her life. She describes how the concept of using a kanban board to organize and manage the hectic things in life is easy, however the hard part is constantly inspecting the process to find ways to improve it to get to a better place.

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Recommended for use with My Ultra Lo-Fi Kanban Boards


2 in. x 2 in. Super-Sticky Post-its

We highly recommend using 3M Super-Sticky Post-it notes for use with My Ultra Lo-Fi Kanban Board


Self-adhesive velcro dots

We highly recommend using hook and loop self-adhesive velcro dots with My Ultra Lo-Fi Kanban Board to securely fasten and prevent sticky notes from falling out when traveling